Interesting Conversations, Stuff We Published & Things We Learnt

The very first month of kickstarting the community

Hello folks!

Thank you for reading the first ever newsletter of Turtle Money Circle. It has been a roller coaster ride in setting up the community and starting the conversations. A lot has went by in the very first month.

Since not all of you are a part of the community yet, we’re sharing an update on all things transpiring in the community.

🤼 Conversations

The idea with our community is to have us ask interesting questions and interact with each other in the process of answering them, enhancing our understanding. We’ve seen a lot interesting conversations in the very first month.

  • We started with some deep insights shared about how the insurance industry profits from its customers (from an insider).
    PS. ULIPs were concluded to be a big NO-NO.

  • In the mutual funds space, we discussed why it does not make sense to invest in an actively managed large-cap fund and what really makes sense in the actively managed mutual funds space.
    In essence - Why pay someone to do a job an index fund can do?

  • There was an interesting discussion around creating an annual plan for investments and expenses and automating them.
    If something can be automated, do it. Systems are *great*.

  • Credit cards weren’t left out. Someone asked if the cashbacks were a gimmick and how interest free EMI’s work which sparked an interesting conversation in the community.
    No, cashbacks are genuine although you need to chase some of the credit card providers in India.

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✍ What We Wrote

We shared the summary of Monika Halan’s “Let’s talk Money”, we wrote a detailed post around the What, Why & How of emergency funds, & a note on the impact of the 2021 budget.

Each week, we send a summary of all the events taking place in the personal finance space. We covered the 2021 budget, book summary of Let’s Talk Money, discussed emergency funds in detail, standard term insurance and accident cover launched by IRDAI, Supreme court’s ruling around bank lockers, DICGC insurance, how digilocker works including our analysis and thoughts on most topics.

🎙 Events Held

We hosted our very first webinar where we understood how cryptocurrencies work and how should one think about when considering investments in them. Our guests, Nithin & Kartic, were kind enough to share their wisdom with them.

We just hosted & concluded our second webinar where we discussed investing in markets outside India. Hemanshu and Swastik were humble enough to spare time on a Sunday evening to talk to us. One of our community members, Priyanka, hosted the event and made sure that we maxed out on the knowledge and experience of our guests.

📽 Future Events

Our event bucket is full for the month of March.

On the 15th of March, we are hosting Nithin and Kartic again to take a deep dive on Crypto. You can register for the event here.

On the 30th of March, we are hosting Basavaraj Tonagatti where we are going to talk to him about taxation and how to plan for the year in advance. Register here.

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