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What Is The Turtle Money Circle Community?

It’s a community to help people figure out and manage their personal finances better. We are on a quest to improve personal finance awareness among the masses and help everyone live better financial lives.

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What Does The Community Offer?

  • AMAs, Webinars and Sessions with experts and people to learn from

  • Discussions and debates on financial products - mutual funds, health insurance, life insurance, fixed income, equities - India and US, credit card strategies and more

  • Book recommendations and summaries - with themes focused on, but also going beyond just personal finance

  • Courses, and structured guides to help you with managing personal finances better

  • Curated news and updates from the world of personal finance in India that personally impacts YOU

  • The best personal finance content on the web that you should not miss. We will bring the best of articles, podcasts and other available resources to you. Curated. Vetted. Guided.

  • With time, we will also work to get special and custom deals for our community to help you make the most of your money

  • Full access to the archive

How Do We Offer This?

  • Course Material: Access to course on Personal Financial Planning and future courses and guides that we will create

  • Discord Community: Like minded people. Discussing everything personal finance (and more). Learning together. Growing together. (Discord = Slack, but free, for the uninitiated). We will of course, also have frequent sessions with experts - AMAs, webinars and more.

  • Products: Access to easy to use templates, tools, and calculators we have built, and will continue to, to help you with a variety of scenarios. Custom deals in the future as our community grows.

  • Curated Content via Whatsapp Broadcast List: Content out there in the world, curated and vetted by us, with our insights layered on them, to ensure a) you know if its meant for you, and b) you walk away with the right nuggets.

  • Monthly Roundup: A best of the month roundup with the highlights from all of the above, summarised, so that we can ensure you don’t miss out on the must-haves, from all of the month’s activity. Expect icing on the cake. Everytime. 😉

  • Turtle Money Newsletter: A newsletter open for all, every month we will summarise the best takeaways from the discussions and events in the community, introduce our community members to the world (with their due consent), and provide major updates from the world of personal finance.

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